AGEMA hair conditioner “Releasing Shine & Sun Protective” offers restoration, regeneration, glow and sun protection to your hair.

It untangles your hair while it imbues them with AGEMA elixir, balancing their moisture. It restores the inner cells of the hair nourishing them

with rich and pure components. It smooths and strengthens your hair deeply not making them heavier. It provides your hair with absolute hair protection.

Your hair will become soft, strong, full of elasticity and healthy glow . Washing the product off is not necessary. A veil of protection is formed around you

sending away whatever does not suit you also defending you from environmental natural or energy influences.

It accomplishes your hair protection after using AGEMA Hair Shampoo – Energy Cleansing.

Frequency of use: any time you wash your hair.
AGEMA hair conditioner can be used by men and women alike.

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