Natural cleansing – Energizing with “Hair Shampoo – Energy Cleansing”.

It cleanses, “locates”, “attracts” and removes substances foreign to the skin (pollutants from the atmosphere, make-up, toxins, remnants of gel, foam, hair spray). It regenerates, illuminates and restores the hair to its original “clean” state. It awakens, stimulates constructively, tones up circulation and makes the body feel as if it is “opening up” for action.
Its ingredients are real, absolutely natural, with no trace of preservatives. During a specialized procedure, liquid energized crystals that contain the Primeval element “Hair Elixir” are formed, to give the shampoo its final state.

Frequency of use:
As often as you wish, even daily.
Hair Shampoo – Energy Cleansing contains the Primeval-energy hair elixir by AGEMA
Hair Shampoo – Energy Cleansing can be used by men and women alike.

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